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Have you ever had the experience of saying something that you later regretted, or posting something on the internet without thinking about the consequences, or responding to someone asking how you are with “good” when, in fact, you are not feeling particularly good? These are examples of mindless speech, where we are not aware or in control of what we are communicating to others. We are speaking out of habit and automatic pilot, rather than appreciating our present moment circumstances and responding with purpose and truth. Unmindful speech is the opposite of mindful speech, which is essentially thinking before you speak.
Mindful speech is defined as the process of “speaking our truth, as best we can in any given moment, and simultaneously being aware of what we are saying and what it is like to say it,” (Hassed & Chambers, 2014, p. 108). Mindful speech begins by bringing presence to our interactions with others. Just as when we practice mindfulness formally, such as a breath practice or body scan, in mindful speech we are stepping out of automatic pilot mode and becoming aware of the wandering mind – the “automatic pilot of our interactions” (Hassed & Chambers, 2014). Here we begin to notice judging, daydreaming, drifting off, mentally rehearsing what to say next, or the urge to fill silences. We notice just how difficult it is to simply be present and pay attention to the conversation at hand.
During this Group Experience we will use a Positive Psychology tool to improve on our communication skills through practicing mindful, purposeful speaking.
When : Monday 12th March 2018
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Mon Mar 12, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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